What Did I Do In School? Ela

By Kaitlyn George

The reading stradagies

There are 7 different strategies for read. They are to connect, predict,identify,question,visualize,evaluate,and infer.

Why are these stradagies important?

These stradagies are important because they help you understand and be engaged with the book and to connect with all of the characters or the book it's self.
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Everyone has a inner voice while reading what do we do with it

While reading we can help our inner voice by using our reading stradagies to help that waste of time voice dissapper and keep our useful voice focused on the book and not all the things that are happening around me.


My favorite part of 6th grade is ELA because ELA is really fun without ELA I wouldn't be able. To make this flyer for you today.
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Ms. Hurd and Mrs. Sheahan

Me. Hurd is one of the best teachers as well as Mrs. Sheahan