How to Prepare For a Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Form

The Kenya Travelers Health Surveillance Type is a compulsory global health test given to all travelers visiting Kenya. This type, also referred to as the passport of abroad, is used to capture information about a individual's current health state and previous health history in detail. The sample can be used to test whether there are any pre-existing conditions that have to be addressed while traveling to Kenya. This is critical as a medical examination after arriving in Kenya will help avoid the spread of diseases such as AIDS and HIV.


All candidates to the examination have to fill in a health disclosure form. That is needed by every single global travel destination. This type carries important information that helps Kenya authorities in determining eligibility for entry into their country and what documentation is needed to support it. This form is similar to those you'd fill out when applying for a passport or entering Canada. It needs to get basic details such as name, nationality, date of birth, address, sex, telephone numbers, passport number, and social security number.

The examination consists of multiple-choice inquiries on overall health, basic anatomy, human research, and medical terminology. The form also asks about current medication and vitamins you're taking and details of any existing medical problems. These questions are intended to be easy so that anybody can complete them. You're not expected to be able to guess your response, and failing the examination will result in your application being denied.

After you complete the medical examination, you will be requested to sign the paper. It is important that you read the document fully before signing. A lot of people who take the exam do not know English well enough to comprehend many of the questions, which explains why they choose not to sign the form. Other individuals sign the form hastily, usually under stress, presuming they have no other alternative. If you are registering a record in another language, such as Swahili or Urdu, then you need to first understand the language so you could fully understand what is being said.

Prior to starting your journey, you should have received a sample of the form from the travel clinic. This can help you prepare for the examination. The sample type typically comprises a checklist of the types of queries that you will face. This can help you make sure that you realize the instructions and also to avoid taking the exam at all while feeling nervous.

Keep a copy of the sample and take the exam with confidence. It'll ensure your smooth travel and reduce the danger of any surprises as soon as you arrive in Nairobi. The sample exam is usually available at the local travel clinic or perhaps online. If you cannot locate the sample, there are resources available on the Internet that will give you an notion of how the questions will likely be.