Nuclear Fusion Press Release

Scientists involved

Klaus Mayr and associates at UNC Chapel Hill's The People, Ideas, and Things Journal.

Time and place of discovery

July 16th, 2016

UNC Chapel Hill Physics Department

Our discovery

We have discovered how to effectively use nuclear fusion: by fusing hydrogen atoms, which then create a larger atom and produce energy. We discovered a way to do this without having to use temperatures of over 100 degrees Celcius, which scientists previously believed to be necessary for nuclear fusion.

This discovery is not to be confused with the nuclear fission, which involves the splitting of atoms rather than their combination. Fission does not need temperatures nearly as high as fusion, and it is for this reason it has been used in the past.


The resources for nuclear fusion are more abundant than almost all other energy sources. In a time when we are struggling to find the next great energy frontier that will allow us to remain sustainable, nuclear fusion is the answer.


Safety concerns

While we have decreased the necessary temperatures for nuclear fusion, they are still quite high. Therefore, it will take extreme caution to produce and store fusion energy.

Economic implications

Although the cost of creating nuclear fusion plants will be very high, the long term economic impact will be positive. Other alternative energy sources are difficult to store and expensive to use. The abundance of nuclear fusion power will ultimately make it economically prosperous.