Turn Your Pistol to Full Auto Glock

Full Auto Glock - Turning Your Pistol Into A Full Automatic Fire

A company in Austria founded by Engr. Gaston Glock manufactured a series of semi automatic guns called Glock Pistols. These handguns are made from polymer frames. Among the types of Glock pistols available are standard pistols, subcompacts, compacts as well as competition pistols. There were some issues on reliability and dependability concerns on the market whether or not to accept plastic guns. But then these items became the Glock Ges company's most sold product.

Glock pistol has been refined and modified through its process manufacturing. A new integrated recoil spring was presented where tube design and two piece recoil spring turned into a single assembly that doesn't disassemble. Apart from that, there changes and enhancements on its magazine and follower spring parts too. Soon after, brand new models of 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generations of Glock pistols were sold in the market.

A semi auto Glock has a single barrel and chamber which makes use of a mechanism that that is powered by a single shot to load a fresh cartridge into its chamber. Hence, a full auto glock uses a special automatic mechanism that enenables it to fire multiple shots once its trigger is pulled. Cartridges will then be ejected through the side opening of the pistol and the recoil mechanism would steadily load bullets to the chamber, it would only stop when the trigger is released or when the magazine itself runs out of bullets.

Each minute, the full auto moded gun (Glock 18) can fire 1100 to 1200 rounds each minute. The rate of fire is extremely high as it gives off high bullets each burst. A regular Glock handgun turned into an automatic firing weapon can be used in a way that is practical through burst firing.

Ways on how to make a Full automatic Glock

You will be required to mount the ‘Select Fire’ switch device to have it in full auto mode. The onversion device will act as a replacement of the handgun's back lid. Putting it into place would only take half a minute when you are accustomed to it.

When you finally have the device all set up with your Glock, next step is to cycle the action few more times to completely achieve the full automatic firing. Aside from its high quality blue compound, the glock full auto for sale has a matte black appearance which is really good for the finish of original glocks. This totally cool device can convert all types of Glock pistols.