The Falcon Flyer

Middle School Edition Vol 2018-19, Issue 2 (Winter 2019)

CMMS Annual Middle School Geography Bee

Congratulations to the students who participated in the Clinton-Massie Middle School National Geographic Bee. We had 10 students qualify after competing in the preliminary and tie-breaker rounds in their classrooms. Congratulations to Alyssa, Maddie, Luke, Gage, Shayne, Connor, Joey, Marty, and Austin. They impressed us all with their knowledge about the world. A special congratulations to our third place winners, Shayne and Maddie, our second place winner, Luke, and our school champion, Gage.
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CMMS building-wide Spelling Bee champions crowned

Congratulations to the Clinton-Massie Middle School students who participated in the School-Wide Spelling Bee. We had 20 students qualify after competing in their Classroom Spelling Bees. Students compete to spell a variety of words chosen from 49 books that the Bee selected for their rich vocabulary and engaging content. Congratulations to 6th graders Brelee, Sami, Ashton, Ava, Aidan, and Bailee; 7th graders Leah, Avalynne, Carter, Maggie, Jaiden, Sadie, and Kendyl, and 8th graders Bella, Kyra, Drake, Colten, Leland, Wyatt, and Owen. Congratulations to 6th grader, Aidan Sharrett, on your 3rd place win and 7th graders Avalynne and Leah on your 1st and 2nd place wins.
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Clinton-Massie Middle School's Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is also called Day of Service. This means it is not just a day to stay home from school but a time to help others. In recognition of this the Middle School held two activities to show appreciation and benefit members of our community.

First, the Language Arts teachers asked their students to compose letters of thanks to our nations veterans. The top two from each classroom received a certificate (see above) and their letters were donated to the Clinton-County Veterans’ Service Commission.

Second, a canned food drive was held in each homeroom with the winning class for each grade level receiving a special breakfast on Friday, January 18. The food was then donated to the Clinton-Massie Local School District food pantry. Winning classrooms were Mrs. King's 8th grade class, Mrs. Marsh's 7th grade class and Mrs. Beam's 6th grade class.