Tech Tidbit

October 2013

Social Bookmarking

Are you looking for an easy way to access your bookmarks? Do you have a list of websites a mile long, and wish there was an easier way to sort through them? Are you on Pinterest looking for classroom ideas, only to be distracted by other boards? If so, check out these social bookmarking options!

Symbaloo organizes your links in visual tiles, group them by topic or color coded content areas. Symbaloo webmixes are easily embedded into websites and blogs, making sharing sites with students or yourself a breeze!

Diigo allows users to easily create groups, tag and organize bookmarks, and even annotate webpages using virtual sticky notes. You can even connect Diigo to your twitter account, and it will automatically bookmark any tweet you favorite.

EduClipper, a social-visual bookmarking site, is designed for teachers and students to display content, including Google Drive files, for designated groups to see. If you like Pinterest, then this is a site for you.

Next time you open up your Internet browser, and scroll through a long list of favorites or bookmarks, remember there is an easier way to track down that site.