Fame in the Dark Ages

Joan of Arc, William the Conquer, King john

William The Conquer

We have all heard of William The Conquer, but do we know as much about him as we think we do? Read more for yhe latest scoop... We all call him William The Conquerer, but do we know his real name? By golly we do! That is right, his name is William..William I!! Living in England, he lived from 1028-1087. Conqueror was a great king, for sure, but do we know his true colors? We have heard from insiders (almost everyone in our town) that William is deffinitley not one of the nicest people! If he wants somebody to do something, but knows they probably will not, he terrorizes them into doing it! Talk about taking advantage, sheesh. Most would describe William as cruel, terroriser, very demanding. But, he gets the job done and makes sure things are ok, so I guess that is part of a good king! William was also a very memorable person. Talking about events, there were eight rebellions against him! Ayayay. In 1047 he fought in a huge battle and combined forces with the DUke of Normady, and King Henry II, they won the battle. He may have been cruel, but he was a great fighter. People would say about him "Conqueror is regarded in awe; the wise man commands our respect; but is only the benevolent man that wins our reflection". As a king he would also have to make important decisions but the question is what decisions did he make?? Lets find out; William the conqueror decided to bring feudalism into England and he granted land to a vassal who in return, gave him military service.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc ay! An outstanding nickname, but what's the young leaders real name? Well if you're curious, we shall tell you. As we know, she went by Joan of Arc, but her real name was Jeanne d'Arc. She lived in Lorraine, France. The girl "touched by god". As young as Joan was, she was a phenomenal leader. She led tons of men to battle, and outrageously won. People described her as an "inspired speaker". She was extremely brave and as none of us would guess, she took nonsense from nobody. If someone fooled around, she'd slap them over the head and yell at them, haha! This outstanding 16 year old leader captained french soldiers in the Battle of Orleans in 1429, and won. Two months after this battle, England tried to get Joan to sign a truce and she refused, leading her troops up north again to fight, but as she was out numbered, she lost the battle, and was lady captured. And an amazing quote by Joan of Arc; "One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying." Joan of Arc was the first woman to start the trend of the bob haircut, which originated in Paris in 1909! She always made the difficult decisions of turning down treaties and truce agreements, tough! But it had to be done by someone! One of Joan's biggest accomplishments was becoming a great leader and being worshiped by so many at such a young age.

King John

Hear ye! Hear ye! Who's got news on this man, King John!? It would be me! What's his nickname you ask? Well, some called him Lackland, as the rest, they just referred to him as King John. He lived in England as, he was the king of England.. He was born December 24, 1166 and died on October 19, 1216. Most people described this English king as brave, but there were a few who claimed his soul was so rotten it would soil hell itself! Nobody has straight facts of the personality though. King John got involved in intrigues against his absent brother, and became king when Richard was killed. His reign was dominated by war with France, and after the peace treaty of Le Goulet there was a short time of pace, but fighting resumed in 1202. John spent a long while trying to make the decision of how to regain peace, but failed when he was defeated by Philip Augustus. "I woild that i were low laid in my grave: I am not worth this coil that is made for me."