Detergent Comparative Experiment

which detergent works best?


Constant variables- (each of 3 detergents/trials had:)

  • 50(ml) of ingredients
  • 75 (ml) of detergent
  • Time: let ingredients spread/soak for 5 mins.Washed: 18 mins. Dried: 40 mins
  • Ingredients: soy sauce, red wine vinegar, ketchup, purple jelly
  • Detergents: "Gain's Original", "Clorox's Color Booster", "Tide's Total Clean"

Independent Variable: Type of Detergent. Dependent Variable: amount of ingredient cleaned and un-stained

Hypothesis: IF: I use the most expensive & commercial detergent THEN: my clothes WILL: be cleaner and have less stains.

Q: Did your Hypothesis become true?

A: No, the Tide was most expensive but it had more stains left than the Gain which cost less.