Android Apps for K-12 Students

mLearning tools for adroid users

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WizNote is a notetaking software that is designed for mobile learning supporting the Android system. WizNote is intended for computers, phones and mobile devices. It has notes organization and rapid fulltext retrieval. Using associated online service, you can synchronise the notes between your computer, tablets and your cell phone. Click the link below to download the app.

Google Drive

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Almost identical function as the IOS app, the Android version of the Google Drive allow students to access their files that are saved to their gmail account from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. With Google Drive, students can access any documents that they have saved on the drive anywhere with internet access. This app also allow students to download certain documents and view it offline later.

Click on the link below to download the Google Drive app!

Chemistry Lab

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This Android app is designed to help student with general and organic chemistry. It provides somes games to help students familarize with the concepts.

Click the link below to download this Android app.


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This Android app help student to enhance their reading speed. It can also allow students to use this app to read from other apps for free. This would be a beneficial app to students that struggle with reading a little bit.

Click the link below to download this app.