The Feminine Hunter


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The Duties of Artemis

Artemis is the deity in charge of hunting, nature, and nursing.

  • Hunting

Artemis is known for hunting, however she was known as a protector of wildlife and animals. It is said that she received her bow at the age of 3. She actually used her bow on mortals and even other gods and goddesses.

  • Nature

Artemis is a bird goddess. She is associated with many wild birds including buzzards, and guinea fowls. She is also known as a moon goddess.

  • Nursing

It is said that she eases the pain of child birth for many woman, including her own mother during the birth of her brother.

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Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She also has a twin brother by the name of Apollo. She has over 100 step siblings.
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  • The Giant Orion
It was said that Orion and Artemis hunted together on the islands of Krete and Delos. There, Orion was felled by a scorpion. Orion was then slayed by Artemis.

  • The Hunter Aktaion
A prince and hunter in Boiotia came across Artemis and spied on her as she was bathing. She then turned him into a stag and continued to persuade his hounds to tear him apart.

  • The Aloadai Giants
Twin Giants from Thessalia attempted to seize the 2 goddesses Artemis and Hera as their wives. Artemis took on the form of a deer and ran between them. That tricked them into casting their spears and hitting each other instead.

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