Take the Canvas Challenge

I don't always use a LMS, but when I do, I use CANVAS!

What's your story?

Every teacher has a story. How will you use Canvas to improve your story? Take the challenge. Improve your use of the Canvas platform and see how it can help re-energize and transform your classroom.

What is the Canvas Challenge?

You will have 10 weeks to complete 1 level of the challenge. There are 3 levels of the challenge and you may choose which level to start with based on your level of expertise. The levels will run simultaneously. Each level that you complete will earn you 1 CEU. The challenge is self-paced and includes 1 county-wide face-to-face meeting.

See the video below for more information.

How this course can serve as evidence in your teacher evaluation.

  • artifacts ready to share
  • certificate of completion of the challenge
  • digital badge of accomplishment

Which level is for you?

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