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Newsletter for Employees of the Mexico59 September 21, 2016

Support Staff will not have voluntary deductions on Sept. 30th pay checks.

September 30 Support Staff payroll is the 3rd support staff payroll in the month of September and no voluntary deductions will be made from that paycheck. Garnishments and child support are not voluntary and will be deducted from the September 30 paycheck.

Click here for the link to the payroll calendar. It can also be found at Staff Dropdown>Document Center>Payroll>2016-17 Payroll Calendar.

Time Clock now available for Support Staff Employees to View

All Support Staff that use the timeclock:

You are now able to view your timesheet online!

1. Go to the link https://v2.trackmytime.com/mexicobulldog

2. Username is first initial, last name, all lower case. Password is your clock in number.

3. Click the My Timecard tab in the upper left-hand corner. This will allow you to VIEW your timecard (not edit).

4. The arrows <> next to Time Period will take you to past timesheets and future timesheets.

5. Please look to make sure that you have requested all leave through HR Portal or AESOP, whichever is appropriate for your position.

Contact Ondrea in Payroll x2410 or oclark@mexico.k12.mo.us if you have questions.

Please welcome new support staff employees

Please welcome the following support staff to the Mexico Bulldog family. Their contributions to our student's success are every bit as appreciated and needed as any of us. As you see them help them feel welcome and part of the team.

Board of Education Meeting Recap

Board of Education Meeting - Regular Session 9/20/2016

Superintendent Notes

The meeting opened with the Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance, adoption of the Agenda and Staff & Patron Input, which included:

September MSBA Report click to watch report from MSBA

  • Amendment 3 info - qualified for November ballot

  • CrisisGo App

  • Personnel Survey

  • 2016 Annual Conference

  • Delegate Assembly

President's Comments

  • Karolyn Valentick donated $25.00 to the Ron Whittaker Scholarship Fund.

  • Thanks to all teachers, admins and parents for getting us started to the school year

  • HS Activity report - over 300 students involved in activities! Good job!

  • Jami Williams congratulations on journalism recognition

  • Good job to all the new teachers getting started this year.

  • Annual conference for MSBA end of Month - Jami’s students/parents invited to banquet for winning the video contest

  • Appreciate everyone’s hard work and efforts. Thank you for the building reports

  • A lot of good info in the building reports. Congratulations to all for a good start

Consent Agenda & Itemized bills approved by the board

  • Minutes August 16, 2016 Regular Session

  • Reading of Bills (except agenda item 6)

  • Bid - Chromebooks with Chrome Management

  • Declare Items No Longer Needed for Educational Use

Reports & Presentations

Craig Bledsoe - Conceal & Carry

  • Mr. Bledsoe spoke to the board about the provision in MO Law to petition the

board to be able carry on campus via the MO conceal and carry law. The board

took no action.

Bond Issue Progress to Date

  • Mr. Freeman, along with representatives from Hollis & Miller and Opterra,

updated the board as to the progress of the bond issue. The board

agreed to have Opterra do a survey on performance contracting to see how

much savings they could realize for the district, as we are still under contract with Opterra (formerly Chevron).

Building Reports provided by the building leaders from each site.

Assessment Results

  • MAP/EOC - Dr. Templeton gave the assessment report. His power point can be accessed at the eBoards site link at the top of this agenda. Technically, MAP/EOC scores are embargoed by DESE until Sept 29th. All scores will become public and reports will be available at that time. Your building leaders and instructional coaches do have your scores and likely have shared already with you. If not, please ask them.
  • ACT Report - Dr. Templeton and Dr. Robinson gave the ACT report. You can view Dr. Robinson’s written report at the same link as above under the ACT agenda item. High School and HCC are doing a nice job preparing students for the ACT.
  • Food Service Report - Joyce Fenner provided a written food service report. Most importantly, our kitchens routinely earn 100% when inspected by county health inspectors. Thanks to our staff for their hard work in making this happen.
  • eBay Report - We sell surplus property on eBay and have now for a few years. Unlike in the years when we held a physical auction, we make money on eBay each year.
  • Attendance Report - Excellent start to the year for attendance in the first 10 days of the year. 97+% for the district. McMillan wins the day at 97.79%.

Unfinished Business

  • Final Approval of JE Dunn Contract
  • Final approval of contract with JEDunn (construction manager to oversee the actual construction) given by the board
  • Policy JGGA Update - Second Reading - This adjustment to policy is simply changing “annual” to “semi-annual” for CPI training requirements. Final approval given.
  • Budget Evaluation & Reduction Process - Mr. Freeman discussed the “state” of the district’s operating budget and plans for hosting “town hall” style meetings to garner input from all staff and any patrons who wish to attend. Board approved Mr. Freeman’s plans.

New Business

Treasurer's Report

  • Monthly report given by Mrs. Norris. District reserve percentage for last month

was 23.3%. Remember the low cash point will be in December before local county taxes are received.

GCBDA & GDBDA Policy Update - First Reading

  • This is a very small change in FMLA policies - exchanging the word “may” for

“shall”. It has little practical impact for nearly all employees.

December Board of Education Meeting

  • The regular board meeting is over Christmas break, on the 20th. The board voted to move the meeting up to Thursday, December 15th.

Adjournment to Executive Session

In closed session, the board approved personnel, discussed student discipline and approved the minutes from the last board meeting. Also discussed was a piece of property that sits next to McMillan (between the parking lot and the church) that the district almost purchased on the courthouse steps for back taxes. However, the owners have reclaimed the property and the district has no interest in pursuing this matter any further. Personnel will be released on Friday.

United Way of Audrain County

The Audrain County United Way fundraising has begun. Brochures have been sent to your building with information on each of the agencies that benefit from money raised.

Each building has a goal:

CO/Bus Garage/Maintenance - $900.00

MHS - $1,100.00

HCC/MEC - $650.00

MMS - $1,100.00

HAW - $1,000.00

EF - $1,000.00

McM - $800.00

ECC - $450.00

BULLDOG BYTES - Starting October 5th, Bulldog Bytes will have a chart showing each building's percent of their goal achieved.

Did you know that 99% of the money that is raised for the Audrain County United Way stays here in Audrain County? We have 17 agencies that depend on the United Way and other donations to thrive. The money goes to provide individualized services to children ages 0-6, eliminates hunger in Audrain, provides meals to at the Senior Center, and much much more.

Thank you for your consideration to help the United Way and the 17 Audrain County Agencies.

School Messenger App for Employees and Parents

As an employee of the school district, we all get school messenger calls. Your email address and/or phone numbers are updated daily into the system. Click here for more information. Click here to be taken to the page to log in or download the app.

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Retirement Education Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 8-11am

1200 West Boulevard Street

Mexico, MO

Retirement Education Workshop, Saturday, October 15

8 am to 11 am

MMS, 1200 W. Boulevard, Mexico MO.

This workshop is for ALL school personnel in Audrain County Public Schools.

Have retirement Questions?

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • Will my insurance benefits continue?
  • Will I qualify for Social Security and Medicare?
  • What are my spousal benefits?
  • How can I ensure my pension funds stay strong?

Representatives present at this event include

  • Public School Retirement Systems PSRS/PEERS
  • Medicare and Social Security
  • School District Employee Benefits
  • Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA)

Refreshments will be provided

Please RSVP with your name, school, and contact information to Lou Mongler lmongler@gmail.com 573.581.7322 or Paula Isgrig pisgrig@ktis.net 573.581.1842

This is a workshop you cannot afford to miss if you are retiring in the next year or in the next 2-10 years.

A+ Grants

The A+ Grant Application and Letter are available online on the District Website. Staff>Document Center. They are located in the gray box labeled Related Info. http://mexicoschools.net/page.php?p=2644

Remember, anything technology related MUST go through Dana Hunt. She will make sure it will work with the network and she will get you pricing.

All grants are due to Bethany Collins by Noon Friday, September 23, 2016. They must be signed by your administrator and the teacher. Please follow the guidelines on filling out the application.

Bright Futures Mexico is now part of Bright Futures Audrain

Bright Futures Mexico is proud to announce that we are now part of a county wide Bright Futures group called Bright Futures Audrain. THIS IS THE FIRST COUNTY WIDE GROUP IN THE COUNTRY! If you have items you want to drop off, the locations are listed on the flyer or you may send them to Jo Ann Diffenderfer at the Central Office.

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Bulldog Bytes

Bulldog Bytes will be available in your in box each Wednesday (with some exceptions around Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Summer break). Send items to be published to jdiffenderfer@mexico.k12.mo.us. These items can be wedding photos, birth announcements/photos, fund raisers for sports and civic clubs, and other district wide communication needs.