High School Observation

By: Amber Lago

Teaching/ Learning Environment

The teaching environment was so awesome!! I saw almost every teacher in the hall and it was great to stop and say hello and chit chat a little. Teachers are amazing at Remington and so blessed to have had them to help me through high school. The learning environment is just as great. The atmosphere is so high in the clouds it makes you feel like you are safe there. I talked to a few students who had transferred from a private school and they had all said that this place is amazing and they feel so much more safe. That says something just its self!

Student-Student Interactions

It was seriously so much fun to see all the high schoolers getting a long. No fights, no groups, they were all there having fun and enjoying everyone there at the school. Everyone was friends.

Student-Teacher Interactions

I loves how all of the teachers were making regular talk to the kids before class started and then were very calm to the kids and were just totally awesome

Interesting Experience

Overall my experience was just like I had returned to high school just one for time. I had talked to some teachers about what i wanted to go into and they all thought I was crazy about going into elementary teaching. I may be crazy but I love those kids and thats what I want to do! I have the energy and motivation for those kids.