Shatter Me- Tehereh Mafi

A story about a girl who kills with the touch of her hands.

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Juliette can kill with a single touch. She has been stuck in a asylum with total isolation so she wouldn't touch or hurt anyone, but the Reestablishment comes in and kidnaps her and wants to use her as a weapon. Her old school friend (Adam) works for them but he's fed up with the Reestablishment and wants to help her escape. Later on he finds out he can touch her with out getting killed. How are they going to escape?


I would recommend this book to my friends because its impacted with action and adventures.I would recommend this book to teens because little kids would not be able to understand it. The teens would like it because its fun and adventurous. I chose this book because it was recommended to me from the other books i read. It is good to read this book because it shows what could happen to the world and how scary it would be.