The Ancient Greeks

By: Mattias gr6

Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great was born in Macedonia, north of ancient Greece.His father,Philip II was king of Macedonia.Philip wanted to unite Greece,so he took his Macedonian army and attacked most of the Greek city states such as Athens and the city's allies.

Alexander was taught at home by the great philosopher Aristotle.

Alexanders the great's empire

His route

Alexander the great conquered most of the well known world known to them. The cities Alexander conquered were sometimes left with their own leaders. The people that died were given graves and the remaining amy was allowed to be in his army. With Alexanders army growing every time he counquered more land, Alexanders empire became bigger than ever! Alexander even conquered some of the Persian empires land.

Alexander didn't think his empire was big enough. he fought india against giant war elephants, Alexander let the Indian leader rule.

Alexander's death

Alexander died before his 33 birthday. Some say he died of Malaria but others say he was killed. After his death his whole entier empire fell apart because no one was strong enough to rule his empire like him