2016 ANZAC Day Update

Changed Information for Leaders and Olaves


Dear Leaders and Olaves

After a meeting with the RSL on Saturday some of the arrangements for ANZAC Day in Canberra have changed. This flyer notes only the changes for adults and Olaves, so please read my first flyer and attached documents too.


rosemary Sprigging on Friday 22 April, 9.30am at Wanniassa Guide Hall remains the same

Assembly Times on ANZAc day have changed for everyone

**New** Timing Arrangements


8.00am - Leaders and Olaves assemble at the top of Anzac Parade, Reid Oval corner to put up gazebo, be briefed and be allocated tasks

8.30am - Placard kids (ages 8 to 17) arrive

8.45am - Placard kids move to Placard Distribution point with some Leaders

9.00am - Rosemary kids (ages 5 to 8 or 9) arrive, are put into small groups, allocated a Leader or parent, given rosemary to distribute

9.30am - Senior Guides arrive. Meet with Helen Beasley

10.00am - Senior Guides join the rest of the Youth Colour Party at top of the Parade

10.40am - ALL rosemary kids and adults return any rosemary to tent, collect small flags and move with uniformed adults to form a flag waving Guard of Honour at top of Parade

10.58am - March begins, rosemary kids and Leaders join the March with the last group and walk around Parade Ground

ALL Guides and other youth organisation members can sit in the stands along the top to watch the National Ceremony

12.45pm - Ceremony concludes and all Guides should return to the tent to be collected

At that stage Leaders, please help to disseminate kids, and assist to pack up our gazebo and area.

Uniform on ANZAC Day

I've been asked about uniform for adults, and what is appropriate.


We have two options for tops - either the navy and sky blue adult polo shirt OR the white pin striped shirt. An adult Tab can be worn on either, on the right side of the shirt.

Hats are to be navy.

If a jacket is needed, the Guide fleecy or hoodie, or navy blazer/jacket are preferred.


As for the Guides, navy bottoms and black shoes please. We ask the girls to look neat, and don't let those in jeans march.


This was detailed in documents linked to my original flyer.

Any Questions?

Please contact

Rhonda Foley


0409 583751