Newsletter-April 11- 15, 2016

Mrs. Wells

Please visit my webpage for more information-

Look under the NEWSLETTER tab to find "view" or "downloads" of the vocabulary word list, , the xtra math pins, the RAZ kids login cards, Spelling City users and passwords, and the Think Through Math logins.

For xtra math website, students use my email:, then use the pin number from the download.

Math Homework

1. PAPER homework: Drawing two-dimensional figures (3 pages). Mrs. Reim handed out this pages on Friday, but I will put them as a download on my website in case they didn't make it home.

2. Do at least 20 problems in Prodigy. These are the skill lessons we've uploaded:

*choose equation that represents word problem

*subtracting decimals to hundredths

*adding decimals to hundredths

*write a decimal from a number line

*place decimal on a number line


1. Complete one RAZ story from their book room that is read orally and tested with the score of 70% or higher. Please encourage your child to go back and look for the answers to the questions.

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What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a learning tool for students to study vocabulary. Students can learn the words and definitions of the words I've selected for the week before they complete the Spelling City assignments.

Spelling/content vocabulary

Spelling Test will be replaced by Content Vocabulary Test.

1. Study the reading vocabulary flashcards on quizlet. The link is:

Test over these words on Friday.

2. After you have studied the words on quizlet, then complete the 4 assignments on Spelling City. The name of the assignment on Spelling City is Reading Content Set 2.

Social Studies

We will be studying Texas missions in the next couple of weeks.


Science focus:

1. Working on a 3 minute TED Talk about our endangered animal.

2. Creating endangered animal poster.