Team One Newsletter

Week of 3/2 - 3/6

Final week of term 3 & Spring Break (3/9 - 3/13)

Jeffrey Bromley - Social Studies

Monday (3-2)-Friday (3-6)

We will continue working on our Ancient Roman Minecraft projects that include aspects of Ancient Rome Infrastructure such as The Colosseum, The Pantheon, etc. This will be the last big project before we go on Spring Break, and will be due on Thursday (3-5).

Have a great Spring Break!

Emilia Walsh - Science


Design your own lab


Attempt your own lab

Wednesday (term 3 grades finalized):

Review 7th grade course catalog

Thursday (Ms. Walsh absent):

7th Grade enrollment

Friday (Ms. Walsh absent and last day of term 3):

Minecraft Element Scavenger Hunt

Last week we:

  • Exothermic vs Endothermic Lab (water/ice, vinegar/baking soda, hydrogen peroxide/dry yeast)
  • Elephant Toothpaste Lab Demo

Meaghan Harriott - Language Arts

Last week we...

Read up to chapter 8 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

This is week we will...

Mon: Read chapter 9 and work on figurative language project

Tues: Read chapter 10 and figurative language projects due at the end of class

Wed: Chapter 11 and take figurative quiz

Thurs: Chapter 12 and plan for essay

Fri: Quiz on chapter 9-19 and write essay

Allison Watts - Math

Monday: Lesson 21

Tuesday: Quiz Review

Wednesday: 1/2 day review 1/2 day quiz

Thursday: Quiz

Friday: Missing work and filling out the SLC powerpoint

Meri Miller-Kahle - Special Services

As we get closer to Spring Break and the end of Term 3, the pressure and stress are showing on some of our students. Here are some great ways to help your student combat stress at this point in the year.

*Check Skyward and see if there are missing assignments

*Contact teachers for make up work if you have been out of school due to illness

*Make a list of assignments that are missing and prioritize QUIZZES/TESTS/PROJECTS, they are 80% of the quarter grade

*Make a list of assignments that you need to complete first

*If you don't know where to begin, ask your CAT Teacher

*Know that we have one more Term and that you can end the year strong

*Have your parent/guardian schedule your Student Lead Conference through SignUp

*Create your Powerpoint for your conference to show your successes!!!



Five days until Spring Break! We can do this!!! :)

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