New Hampshire

the granite state

A wonderful state it is

The state of New Hampshire has a nickname of the Granite state. The capital of the state is Concord. New Hampshire is postioned in the Northeast region. I am going to tell you some fun facts about this wonderful state. The state tree is the " white birch", the state gem is the " smokey quartz", and last but not least the state sport New Hampshire is known for there skiing


New Hampshire has lots of land forms I am going to list a few of them. New Hampshire has some rivers two of them are the Androscoggin river and the Connecticut river the Connecticut river is the longest river in New England. Another land form is mountains one of them are the Mount Washington. The last land form is forests they are the White Mountain forest and the Ballared state forest.
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Natural Resources

New Hampshire contains lots of Natural Resources some of them are there fish, lobsters, and squid. They also make Ice cream yum. New Hampshire helps the USA with Fishing, Farming, and mining
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New Hampshire have made some major improvements to help travel there and let humans live there. They have improved the roads and highways. They have also improved with the tunnles and many others.

Natural Dissasters

New Hampshire gets tournadoes and heavy snow and strong wind. The humans that live there they may go through rough times with there houses being distroyed and with the snow sometimes there heaters freeze so the humans that live there have gone through divistating tradegies