Sneak Peek

2T Edison School * December 8, 2014 * Mrs. Tallman

2T Community

We had a great week last week and will begin some holiday projects this week. Thank you for sending in the supplies we will need to make some good, old-fashioned holiday decorations!

Class Reward: We earned another class reward and we will have a Pajama Day on Tuesday the 9th. Students are allowed to dress in pajamas, bring slippers and a stuffed animal for this comfy day. Please have students wear regular shoes for recess and moving around the building (slippers will be permitted in our room only).


This week, we are going to answer the question, “What can we learn from the way a character acts?” First, we will read a folktale called How Chipmunk got His Stripes. We will then read a traditional tale called Why Rabbits Have Short Tails. As we read, we will keep talking about the Big Idea, “Nature can teach us many things.”

Target Vocabulary: curled, direction, healed, height, toward, tunnel, tease, brag

Phonics Skills: Base words and endings –ed,

-ing (including spelling change of Drop Final e); words with consonant/vowel (CV) pattern

Spelling Words: liked, using, chased, making, hoping, asked, standing, riding, baked, spilled, closed, hiding would, own, kept *practicing

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms

Comprehension Skill: Understanding characters – tell more about characters

Comprehension Strategy: Summarize – stop to understand important events as you read


We have are writing a response as a class to a book named Night Tree by Eve Bunting. This week students will write about connections to the story and add a strong ending. They will revise and create a response poster. After completing this practice response, students will choose a book and create a response independently using all of the strategies they have learned.


Lesson 4-5: Estimating Costs

• Comparing money amounts

• Estimating money amounts to solve problems

• Sharing strategies for estimating total money amounts

• Key Vocabulary - estimate

Lesson 4-6: A Shopping Activity

• Identifying the place value of two-digit numbers

• Calculating money amounts

• Use parts-and-total diagrams to solve multi-digit addition problems

• Writing number models for pats-and-total problems

Lesson 4-7: Exploring Length, Area and


• Distinguishing between centimeter and inch

• Comparing lengths in centimeters and inches

• Measuring to the nearest in. and cm.

• Finding area by tiling with pattern blocks and counting shapes

• Using rules to sort attribute blocks

• Key Vocabulary - inch (in.), centimeter (cm) tiling, attribute blocks

Lesson 4-8: Paper and Pencil Addition


• Sharing solutions strategies for finding the sum of 2-digit numbers mentally

• Using base-1 blocks to add two 2-digit numbers

• Practicing addition fact extensions

• Estimating sums by changing the addends to “close but easier” numbers

• Key Vocabulary - ballpark estimate


Last week, students explored changes in state when they participate in a “melting race”. Partners worked together to try to melt an ice cube as fast as they could. They timed the melting. This week students will observe and identify the change of state from a solid (ice cube) to a liquid (water). Students will then set up an observation to watch the water over days to see what will happen to the water from their ice cube (evaporation). Second Grade scientists will write about each of these experiments to record the information learned.

Mark Your Calendars:

December 9th- Pajama Day

December 16th- Edison Holiday Concert 2:00

December 19th- Spirit Day

December 19th- Report Card Day! Please sign envelope and return (keep contents)

December 23rd- Holiday Party

December 23rd- Half day (no need for a snack, we have our party!)

December 24-January 4th- Winter Break

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Joey Darby! He will celebrate on December 11th!


Students: Please return all work with your name and number!

Parents: Encourage independence and responsibility at home and in school.

Dress in layers: It may be getting chilly, but our classroom is still warm! Dress in layers to be comfortable and bring a water bottle to school each day!