Counselor's Corner 9th Grade

Spring 2021

Greetings Wolverines!

We are now in our last quarter of your first year of high school. We've almost made it! Continue to push hard and make sure you have completed all assignments so we can finish the year strong!
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Register Now for the 2021-2022 School Year

Online Registration kicks off Monday, April 12 for all SCS students.

ONSITE SUPPORT for REGISTRATION: We are working to secure a centralized location for families to come use computers and receive registration support between the hours of 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.. In the meantime, parents can either visit the Parent Welcome Center (social distance enforced), send an email to or sign-up for a live virtual session for assistance.

POWERSCHOOL ACCESS FOR RETURNING STUDENTS: All returning families can access the online registration link via their current PowerSchool account. For many families who are active on PowerSchool, this will be easy. However, we know PowerSchool access may be a common challenge for several others during registration. To assist parents, we have added the registration link to ALL student devices.



An Early Post Secondary Opportunity (or EPSO) is a high school course or program that allows a student to gain college credit or industry certification. In order for an EPSO to count, a student must take the applicable exam. Some of Overton's EPSO 2020-2021 options include:

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
Chemistry/Chemistry Lab

Computer Science Principals
English Language/Composition
English Literature/Composition
History of Art
Music Theory
Studio Art 2D Design
Studio Art 3D Design
Studio Art Drawing
U.S. History

  • Dual Enrollment (DE)
Coding I & II
College Algebra
Elementary Calculus
English Composition I & II
Medical Terminology
  • Statewide Dual Credit
Speech & Communications
World History
  • Industry Certifications
Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPT)
CompTIA IT Fundamentals
JavaScript Specialist

Students need to be thinking about what EPSO's they would like to consider for their schedules next year. More info on schedule requests to come soon!

Learn more at or contact Mrs. Humphries

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Are You a Well-Rounded Student?

It is advantageous for all students to be involved in clubs, sports, and/or community service. This not only helps the student’s personal growth but will also enhance the student’s resume and college application package. Many colleges today are not only looking for academic achievement but also a well-rounded student; a benefit that may make the student eligible for scholarships. Involvement in extracurricular activities and/or community service is an opportunity for a student to expand his/her leadership and communication skills. A listing of our clubs is available on the Overton website at

Did You Know???

In an article in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, researchers found only two specific study techniques to be highly effective:

Practice testing: students testing themselves through flash cards, practice problems or full practice tests on target material in a low-stakes, reduced stress environment.

Distributed practice
: conducting short practice testing sessions over a longer period of time between school assessments (the opposite of cramming.) This requires the implementation of a set schedule for students. Parents can play an important role in encouraging students to create and maintain such a schedule.
Being Kinder to Yourself
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