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Churchwide Update and Dialogue on October 5

Churchwide Meeting Tuesday About the Proposed New Leadership Structure

Please join us in person or online on Tuesday, October 5, for a churchwide update on the Simplified Leadership Structure. This will be the opportunity to learn about the proposal developed by the Design Team, ask questions, and provide input.

The proposal outlines the composition and duties of the leadership team, along with guidelines on how the team would operate and interact with the congregation.

Several Methodist churches are moving to a streamlined form of congregational governance that provides more effective use of time and resources today. The advantage is a lean, more strategic church leadership that gives more people time for active involvement in ministry in the community in lieu of administrative committee functions.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary and will livestream on Facebook. Those watching online during the live broadcast can type their questions into the comments and they will be answered during the meeting.

This gathering is the opportunity to ask questions and provide input before the membership votes on the proposal in November.

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