Wendy Reeves - 2015 Nominee

Newton Excellence in Education Award


Wendy embraces technology. She has a global outlook about the world in which her students will be living and working. One of her mottos is, “we are preparing our students to be successful in jobs that don't exist yet.” In her zeal to meet student’s needs, she will search anywhere for curriculum tools and processes, to meet a student’s needs. When planning learning situations where students will thrive, she carefully selects from the most current education technology tools that produce desired learning outcomes. If a student is struggling after she has used all of her tools, she involves parents, teachers, and any resource available using endless energy to find any tool, process, or person, to help them to be successful. She implements technology to engage students, build curiosity, increase understanding, practice techniques and remediate.


Wendy is relationship-driven. She has an effective working relationship with each of her students. She tends to each child, positively and publicly recognizing their victories while reflecting about their needs, at every level of ability and growth. Her unflagging enthusiasm, in challenging situations, manifests in endless energy to ensure math content availability and to give students every tool they need to be successful.

If a student struggles, Wendy goes to battle against whatever obstacle is hampering their ability to learn. She never gives up on a student and she will not let a student give up on themselves. If a student is having trouble at home, she will empathize with them. She lovingly challenges her students to succeed in the face of obstacles they can’t control. If a student is acting out, Wendy will arrange a private conference and describe her observations of behaviors causing a learning obstacle. She reteaches appropriate behavior while assuring them of her support and explaining how their appropriate behavior will lead to success. She challenges her students to give their very best effort.