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Game On!

Happy Fri-YAY!

Where has January gone? What a fast and furious month! We are looking forward to February!



February 2021, Truman Elementary will join NPS in highlighting and celebrating the lives of Black Americans who were pioneers and made significant contributions in the science and medical fields. Along with our traditional lessons about famous Black Americans, each grade level will take time to study the life and contributions of one special, less-known person of interest. Students will learn about these important people who have championed better health care and developed medical breakthroughs alongside all schools across the district. It will be a fun project to discover new information collectively as Norman Public School Students!

Truman has been assigned the following Americans to research:

Patricia Era Bath-Third Grade Classes

Alexander Thomas Augusta-Fourth Grade Classes

Kizzmekia Corbett-Fifth Grade Classes

I will highlight facts discovered by Truman students about these Americans in later newsletters this month!

The Great Kindness Challenge was a Success!

Here are some highlights from the week...

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Thanks to our amazing counselors at Truman Elementary and Truman Primary for coming up with fun kindness activities and awesome theme days!

Welcome OU Interns!

Check out this great opportunity for parents...

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Another look at our Teacher of the Year...

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We celebrated Mr. Renteria this week with a special NPS district breakfast! Looking forward to honoring this amazing teacher more in the spring.

February 1-5 is National School Counseling Week 2021!

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School Counselors: ALL in for ALL students!

We are so fortunate to have the BEST school counselor around! Mrs. Welborn is passionate about working with ALL students, and she is devoted to helping students be the best humans they can be. She is full of positive energy that spreads to adults and children, and she loves and supports us all. It is a privilege to have this amazing person at Truman, and we learn from her every single day. We are ALL thankful for Mrs. Welborn...and of course, Bella too!

Please take time this upcoming week to send Mrs. Welborn a note of appreciation, artwork from your child, or thank her in a special way of your own!

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