apps and sites for mobile devices in the classroom

Journal Jar

A mobile tool that prompts users with a question they answer in journals, Generates a random question for students to answear themselves. Good for relfections and journal assignments in late elementry or junior high.


A video creation app that allows users to collage images, video and other media material in a video slideshow. Could be used for later grades where display of knowledge can expressed in other ways. Perhaps for a high school Social Studies essay, rather than wrtiting students can create a video slideshow of material they research.


A recording tool to use for making podcasts. Students can make podcasts of content learned to display knowlage.  Perhaps science high school students could work in groups to research material about various topics (geology, astronomy ect), and then create postcasts for the rest of the class could listen to and then get quizzed about.


A virtual puppet that can record up to 30 seconds of dialouge to be emailed or shared via twitter and facebook. A teacher could use this app to create a fun reminder about an exam or assignments shared through email or text.


A video creation tool with a variety of characters and settings where a movie can be made in acts. For high school English students could perhaps reinvent Shakespearian plays in various themes and settings