All about Dot Dollar Redemption

3 Simple Steps for You to Follow

You Worked Smart to Sell Them, Work Smart to Redeem Them!

We worked for a month to help your customers earn those Dot Dollars in November & December. Let's work SMART and SIMPLY to redeem them!

Dot Dollar redeem period begins Thursday, December 27 and ends Thursday, January 3! For every code someone has, they can take $25 off a $50 order (i.e. 2 code are worth $50 off a $100 order, etc)

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1. Prepare yourself-- get preorders and your report ready.

2. 12/27-12/29: Personally email customers with their codes-- 1:1

3. 1/2-1/3: Follow up via text message to those who haven't redeemed codes.

Scroll down for more info and words to say on each step!

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STEP ONE (12/22-12/23): Prepare Yourself


(rather watch in video format? CLICK HERE!)

Your codes are now available in the Lounge.

  • Go to Your Contacts.
  • Click FILTER.
  • Click the tab REWARDS.
  • Click APPLY.
  • You can then EXPORT your report and print it off.

*Inside each person's contact profile you'll see their codes. The customer should have access to this information as well by going to your website and logging into their account using the email they used to order.

EXAMPLE OF EMAIL I SEND TO ALL (BCC) before redeeming begins:

Hey there!

I hope you are enjoying a great holiday season and are gearing up for some well-earned R&R.

I’m reaching out with a JSA (jewelry service announcement) Because you shopped with me in November and/or December, you earned Dot Dollars! This year I’m offering a pre-order concierge service for those of you who’d like to press the easy button as you’re shopping at half off. Simply email me back by December 24th with what you’d like to grab with your Dot Dollars and not only will I place the order for you, but I’ll take care of your shipping!

Just a few reminders:

—Each Dot Dollar code is for $25 off $50. These allow you to shop at half off!

—If you’re not sure how many Dot Dollars you’ve earned, you can login to your account at and look at your account info to find out. If it’s easier, just reply back to this email and I’ll let you know!

—When browsing for what you’d like to spend your codes on, don’t forget about our sale section! There are some great deals to be had.

—All Dot Dollars orders will be placed under a Mystery Hostess shopping link, which means that your order will get you an entry to win a whole bunch of Stella & Dot FREE bling! In the past, I’ve given away $750+++ of free S&D!

Let me know if you need any suggestions or style tips - I love playing Stylist for you! The redemption period officially begins on 12/27 so if you don’t take advantage of this concierge service, expect to get reminders from me so this great deal doesn’t go to waste. Promise that you'll kick yourself if you miss this sweet deal, so I’ll be sure to check with you to make sure you're scoring some style for a steal!!

Happiest of holidays to you and yours!



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STEP TWO (12/27-12/29): Send an email 1:1 with the codes to each earner

Decide WHEN you will make your reach-outs depending on your calendar, your family schedule/travel and your goals. If you have time now, you can draft your emails and have them sitting in your draft folder just waiting to be sent. This step can be tedious but is SO WORTH IT!!!


Hi Caitlin!

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and are loving your new Stella & Dot! Thank you again for your business last month. It is customers like you that make me love what I do so much. Now, some good news to start your day off right:

You have $50 in Dot Dollars to spend before January 3!*

The redemption period ENDS 1/3 at 11:59 PST only. There are no exceptions. Each $25.00 Dot Dollar code you have earned from your order can be redeemed towards each $50.00 spent, Whatever is not used unfortunately you will lose after January 3.

Here is your unique Dot Dollar Redemption codes



I've opened up a Dot Dollars Mystery Hostess online shopping link, so if you follow the instructions below not only are you saving big, but you're also getting the chance to win all of the Hostess rewards - aka hundreds of dollars in FREE accessories!

Your Dot Dollars are easy to redeem online, however if you have a problem with placing your order I am more than willing to assist you.

1. Head to the Mystery Hostess online show:

2. Add what you love to your account and then click 'checkout'.

3. Click log in, enter the email address you provided with me upon placing your first order, then click on need your password. You will be sent a link to set up your account.

4. On the checkout screen, you'll be prompted to enter your DD codes.

Please don't hesitate to give me a call or text if you have any questions - 410-624-9007.

Thanks so much for your continued support in my small business - it's makes a BIG difference to me! Happy Shopping!



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STEP THREE (1/2-1/3): Send individual text message/FB message reminders to earners that have not yet redeemed

I really like this step, because people forget, but always have their phones. I include an image and message about how much she has to shop at 50% off and that it's "use them or lose them" on the codes and when they expire.

Some words I use and tips:

  • Hey girl! Just following up one last time about your Dot Dollar codes as they expire at midnight on 1/3. I'm happy to make you a cart and shoot it your way with some of some faves!
  • Use an image from mimi!
  • When she is making an order: If you'd like, let's make this the first order on a show link for you-- and you can debut the new January line- and get all the hostess free rewards!
  • Keep good track of how many times you reach out! my printed sheet of earners has marks ALL OVER IT with who I've reach out to and how many times.
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Remember that you want to use these redemption orders to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!

Don't just offer to help your customer redeem her rewards, offer to help her book a January debut trunk show, and she can make her redemption order the first order in that show!

If a customer places an order, and you didn't get to have the booking conversation beforehand, follow up - "Hey Sarah! Love seeing you redeem those rewards and get those great pieces. I'd love to get you more for FREE and half off with your own style session in January to debut our new collection! I'm free the 17th - and 19th - what about you?"

If a customer says she isn't able to use her rewards - offer to get her the best deal - FREE and half off shopping as a debut hostess! It's a great way to take the "I can't shop anymore this year" answer and turn it into a January trunk show and free goodies for your customer!

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Check out when your customers will be getting emails from Home Office about DD so that you can follow up!

PLEASE NOTE: The following codes will be available in customer accounts and in the Lounge on the following dates:

  • 12/17 – coupons associated with orders containing all backordered items
  • 12/19 – coupons associated with reassigned orders
  • 12/20 – bonus codes for all customers and Style Club members*

*As an added perk, Style Club members will receive 2 bonus codes to share with friends!

Please see below for the Dot Dollars Redeem customer email schedule:

  • 12/27 Redeem starts now (with codes)
  • 12/31 Redeem reminder email
  • 1/2 Redeem ends tomorrow
  • 1/3 Redeem ends tonight
  • 1/3 Redeem final hours

Images to use - or make your own in Mimi!

We consider this team our extended family and are so thankful for each and every one of YOU! Much love from Carrie, Mark, Will, Morgan, & Emery