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April 3, 2019

Stay the Course

In support of adult sanity, please continue with daily KCS curriculum until the last day. Our students do best with the routines we have worked so hard to maintain all year. Calm and orderly environments are what our kids crave. We have so many great experiences for our kids in the next three weeks that are outside of our norm, it is of the upmost priority for us to keep as much time as possible following curriculum, not doing fluff work. Our students will interpret a change from the norm to "school is over/party time". We all know what comes next--problematic behavior. Thank you for your adherence to our regular program as much as possible.

Another thing to be mindful of is many of our students are not excited that the school year is ending. They are not looking forward to a summer of insecure food, nothing to do, and unstable environments. Some students handle this by becoming sullen. Others, who have difficulty with endings, take the route of burning bridges and making it easier to leave at the end of the year. To several of our kids it is easier to make someone mad at them and leave angry than to say "goodbye" and let someone know how much they will miss you.

I know we are all tired at this time of the year, but we don't do ourselves any favors by becoming lax with our expectations, not holding students accountable, and not providing the same quality instruction every day that we have the rest of the school year. 13 and a half more days---WE CAN DO THIS!!

Making A Move to the First Floor

Due to a very sore knee, Mr. Stokely will be taking up residence in the Ben Carson Room for the remainder of the year. The room can still be used for RTI and instruction. He will just be using that room for his office space because he and stairs are not friends at the moment. This means that if we have any 4th or 5th graders that need assistance, if they can be trusted to meet him at the bottom of the stairs walking independently from their upstairs classroom that would be best. If the student cannot be escorted please state that the student needs an escort and the plan would be another member of the behavior team will come to help.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Info

At this time we have invitations to go out to volunteers but we would appriciate it if you would mention it to your volunteers as you see them this week or contact them using what ever method of communication you may use with your volunteers. We don't want to miss anyone. Remember the event is this Friday from 11:00-12:00 at school. We are still anticipating 20 guests. Thanks.

Support for the Professional Rubric

Thank you to all teachers who have gotten their PD documentation form to me already. I think I still need a few more, but overall, I've got a pretty good amount. One more thing that I need from teachers is to complete the Professionalism Rubric Questionnaire. We used this form last year to ensure that Leigh Anne and I had all pertinent information in order to complete parts of the Professionalism Rubric as accurately as possible.

You will find the form in the Lincoln Elementary Team drive in the folder "End of Year Forms". Please make a copy of the form before adding anything to it. You can put it in your own drive while you are working on it. When you are done please share it with both Leigh Anne and I. Please note that the first question does not need to be answered. Just alert us to look at your PD form and we'll use that to answer questions related to PD on the rubric.

We are planning on starting the Professionalism post conferences during the week of the 13th. If these forms could be shared with us by the 12th that would be very helpful. If you have any questions please ask.

Our Related Arts Team ROCKS!!

Many of you may have recalled that this past Friday was scheduled to be the PTO Walk A Thon. With looming forecasts PTO has decided to have the event in the fall leaving RA without an activity this Friday. Have no fear....STAR WARS WAS HERE! Yes!! Here at Lincoln! If you didn't get a chance to get to the gym or Mr. Wallingford's room you missed out! Students looked at Star Wars Books , drew Wookies, created rebel strong holds and light sabers, and constructed Star War themed puzzles. They really did a fantastic job pulling a great experience together for our students.

We are so lucky to have this amazing team at Lincoln! Thank you Seth, Krystal, Hollie, Martha, and Sabra (can't forget you!) for all that you did Friday to fill the Walk A Thon gap.

Link for May Newsletter for Parents.

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