Link and Learn Friday

September 13 2013


"I Love that teaching idea" (K-6) Created by elementary school teachers and all the contributed ideas, listed by subject, are from teachers. Not a fancy website but the activity ideas are very creative and practical for the classroom.


Bitsboard- IPAD only FREE Flashcard Reading APP for early and ELL learners. 'Boards' of words are grouped together using pictures or words or both. You then have 3 free methods (and the options to purchase additional methods) for how to view your flashcards. Some of the methods include matching, spelling and audio review.

The very best part of this app is that you can create your own 'Board' by inputting text, importing pictures and or taking pictures with the IPAD camera. Try it out here:


SaveonCrafts - If they don't have it you don't need it. This website has beautiful craft supplies at great prices: glassware, ribbon, cards, lights, candles, wicker, fabric, mirrors, jars....whew, just check it out, you won't believe all the beautiful items they have and please don't be mad at me when you get hooked.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!