Francisco Mestres

Student of English

About me

I am a 14-year-old argentinian boy. I was born in Rosario, but I live in a small city called Casilda. I go to a technical school where I learn things related to engeneering, such us technical drawing, what is great because I want it to be my profession when I am adult.

Reason for studying english

The reason why I study english is that I think it will be important for my future. Moreover, one of the aims I have taken is to be able to speak as fluently as a native when I get older.

My expectations for this learning year

One of my expectations for this year is to take "First Certificate from Cambridge". Even though I do not expect myself to get the best mark, I will do my best.

I also want to improve my speaking skills because, in my opinion, it is the most important part of the language.

Unlike the majority of english students, I feel this year is not the last one of my english course, but it is the beggining of a new cycle, because I think of taking more exams after FCE.