The path to happiness :)


An ad that could change millions with a simple click of a button........

Long ago lived a very melancholy family in a very poor village. Until one day when they saw a commercial. Not just any commercial, but a magical commercial that could change their lives with just a click of a button. Without hesitation they dialed the number (469-214-9721) but as it began to ring they quickly started to second guess their decision. Thoughts like would they be able to afford it? Was it all just a scam? How would they get it? What did the product look like? They decided to go to the website to find out more information ( when they went to they went to the website all the questions that they had were answered. " This product is affordable for everyone, this is not a scam in fact it has been tested in family's all over the world, you would be able to purchase this product online and in your closest pharmacy, and the product is a magical pill that each of your family members will take and instantly you would all get along"!! This pill has been proven to be better than the leading brand. I mean don't we all deserve to be living in a happy family?