First Grade Library Newsletter

Friday, October 10

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever!

This week during library time the first graders and I enjoyed sharing the book The Biggest Pumpkin, by Steven Kroll. We also talked about finding books in the fiction section and using shelf markers. First grade also had the opportunity to work with centers after they checked out their selected materials.

The Biggest Pumpkin is a story about Desmond and Clayton, two mice that both fall in love with a small pumpkin and decide they want to help it grow to be the biggest pumpkin. Desmond wants to carve it into a huge jack-o-lantern and Clayton wants to enter it in the biggest pumpkin contest. It is so much fun to watch as the two mice each take care of, feed and water the pumpkin not knowing the other one is doing the same. When they finally do meet it is so much great to talk about how they were able to negotiate an arrangement that both mice would be happy with. They work together to get the pumpkin to the contest and then later carve it into the biggest jack-o-lantern ever. The first grade did a great job predicting how the mice might transport the pumpkin to town. It is so fun to hear their ideas about this and I would like to see them illustrate their ideas some time, maybe this week I will encourage them to try that.

We have been sharing with each other about books that we have read in the last week and it's been great to see how they encourage each other to try new books they haven't read before.

It was a great week in the library!

Mrs. Brenner

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever