Romeo @ Juliet

Paragraph 1

The fued is to blame for Juliet and Romeo's death. If the fued wasnt even created, Marcutio and Tybalt wouldnt have been killed. And Romeo wouldnt have been banned from the kingdom place. Then Juliet wouldnt try to find a way out of the kingdom. And if Romeo found out that she wasnt really dead, he wouldnt of killed himself, and she wouldnt kill herself because Romeo killed himself, and if you look at it, all the pointers lead back to the fued. And the hatred between the "Capulets" and "Monteques". If there was no fued, there would be no deaths related to it. And the fued costed many peoples lives.

(Movie below contains graphic content, and bad language)

Menace ll Society - Crenshaw Car Jacking

Paragraph 2

The video above shows a clip in the movie Menace II Society, this clip, shows a truck full of males attempting to rob 2 other peoples car, ultimantly leading to one of the guys dying. Later on in the movie, 2 of the robbers are killed.

This related to the fued, because it causes deaths for both sides. And if the fued didnt happen, they wouldnt of died (from the fued).