I am Doug Looking For a Lady

By: Emma George

I Amphibian Around! -Doug the Toad

Ribbit! My name is Doug and I amphibian around when I say I want a girl. Ribbit ribbit! I am a toad and I love me some reptilian! I absolutely love snakes. I am 23 years old! People do not like me because of all my warts but I think I am VERY handsome! I am a very hyper and jumpy toad so be warned! Please date me! But only if you are a reptile! Especially a snake!

Pleassssse Date Me! -Sssssally

I am a reptile and I absolutely love toads! My name is Ssssally and I am 22 years old! People say that I am cold-hearted but I think I have a pretty warm heart.....especially because I have a heat lamp in my hole in the ground! I am a very loving, I give very tight hugs but that shows my love! Please date me! Especially if you are a toad named Doug! ;D