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EuroMillions And Lottery- Most Popular In-house Games Of Europe!

The most eye-catching feature of EuroMillions, one of the best games in the UK is that it is open to all. Established in 2004 it is relatively new in the game of gambling and has the ability to make you multimillionaire overnight. Further, if the numbers played by you match with those that are drawn and are mentioned officially in the EuroMillions results, you are declared as a winner!

Steps To Get Started

Choose five numbers from 1 to 50 and Lucky Stars from 1 to 11

Every week on Tuesday and Friday you can play two BIG jackpots

EuroMillions draws are carried out in Paris, France. Here five numbers along with two Lucky Stars are drawn

To win a prize a minimum of two main numbers are matched. However, to win the jackpot it is must to match five numbers and two Lucky Stars, or a share of it.

More Information

UK Millionaire Raffle which is also a part of EuroMillions gives guarantee to create two UK millionaires each week. The UK Millionaire Raffle is an issuing of a unique UK millionaire Raffle Selection displayed on your ticket while purchasing a line of EuroMillions numbers. Hence it is your straightway entry into the UK Millionaire Raffle draw.

Not To Be Missed

The UK Millionaire Raffle is only for the natives of UK. Each winner gets £ 1million.

Rules And Regulations

If in case players fail to match correctly all five EuroMillions winning numbers and both Lucky Stars numbers this would allow transferring of the jackpot fund to the next draw. However, if the jackpot cap has been reached then no changes will be made to the fund amount for two EuroMillion draws.

At the time of Euro Millions or call Mega Jackpot it a Super draw the winning amount of jackpot is shared between the closest players.

To know if you are a winner or not check the EuroMillions Results after each draw.

UK National Lottery is yet another exciting way to play online. For that you need to open a National Lottery Account that allows you play exciting Instant Wins online and Lottery Draw Games.

To get started you can select six numbers from a series of 1 to 49. And if in case all of them match the main balls drawn you win the jackpot. However, if you find any difficulty in picking your own numbers you can also go for Lucky Dip.

Points To Remember

If you are not a citizen of the UK then opt for a lottery ticket concierge service to buy your tickets.

The Lotto Raffle introduced by the UK National Lottery last year guarantees to give winner a minimum of £ 20, 000 winners in each draw.