Max Parker

Trait #1 Psychotic

The first example of evidence of Plato being psychotic is when Plato tries to make Jim and Judy his parents. This is psychotic because they cant really be his parents. Plato is trying to do this to fill in for his missing parents. The second example of evidence is when he tells Judy that hes Jim's best friend. Plato says he's his best friend but he only just met him. The last piece of evidence is when Plato goes away saying Jim your not my father. This is psychotic because he flips out on Jim and runs off.

Trait #2 Silent

Plato ignores everyone especially when the police where asking him simple questions. Plato is very quiet around everyone. Plato likes to think more then he talks. When the police had him surrounded he barely talked to Jim. Even though Jim was suppose to be his best friend.

Trait #3 Loyal

Plato really proves his loyalty to Jim in three different ways. First Plato goes all the way to Jim's house to warn him about buzz. Plato also tries to help Jim in the knife fight against buzz. Lastly Plato says that Jim is his best friend. After only knowing him for a short time.

Part 2

Plato has dysfunctional family problems. Plato's Mom and Dad both left him. Plato always writes to his dad but he never sends anything back. Plato first shows this when he kills puppies for no reason. Plato is lonely and is looking for attention. Without his parents there is no one to show him attention. This is why he pretends to play house with Jim and Judy.

Part 3

To me Plato didn't change from his experiences. To me Plato had the most on his plate so it was harder for him. Plato had to deal with no Mother or Father. In the end he couldn't take it made a stupid decision and got shot.

Part 4

The mansion symbolizes Jim, Judy, and Plato having a perfect family. This is very symbolic because all of them have family issues. The mansion kind of brings them all together. In the mansion they can act like the family they've always wanted.

Part 5

To me the main lesson is nothing beats family. No matter what family is always stronger. If Plato would have had a healthy family none of this would happen. Jim's family steps up in the end to prove that they are a good family. To me its family is always first.

Part 6

The bad guy in this story would be Buzz. Buzz is the bad guy because he's always looking to start something with Jim. Jim is the new kid and Buzz and his friends always pick on Jim. Buzz slashes his tires takes the girl Jim likes and gets in a fight with him. Most importantly Buzz eggs Jim on by calling him "Chicken".