5th Grade NF Smore Directions Sheet

Make Sure You Follow Them!

Your Title Of Your Smore

Make sure your title has to do with the feeling that goes along with your research. Let's say I had to come up with a title for my Machu Picchu research. What feeling did you get when you read with me? What would make a good title?

Paragraph #1

In this paragraph, write a summary of what you learned about your topic. Remember a topic sentence, details, and a wrap - up sentence. Grammar and spelling count!

Paragraph #2

In this paragraph, please write about some deep connections you made while researching. Remember - a connection is usually about intangible things.

Vocabulary Words

As you researched, you came across vocabulary that was unfamiliar to you. Please pick three vocabulary words, include their definition, and use them in a sentence.

Fun Stuff

Find one video to go along with your Smore and include it.

Find two pictures to go along with your topic and include them. Please include where you found them.