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March News


As the heart of the gifted community, the mission of the SAGE Center is to ensure all students, as members of a global society, foster their uniqueness, develop their potential, and embrace their true belonging through learning experiences distinguished by:

  • Courageous exploration and discovery of passions in a flexible and innovative environment
  • Support systems for students, staff, and community
  • Ownership and self-regulation in a student-driven culture

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Math Competition

Second grade SAGE students have the fantastic opportunity to compete in an International Math Competition with Noetic Learning. Students will use the math skills they have acquired this year to show the world what they can do! Your child should have brought home a pink permission slip, in order to be able to publish their name on the website.

Want to know more information? Contact Alicia Kleoppel (Primary SAGE teacher) or check out Noetic Learning Website for more details. https://www.noetic-learning.com/mathcontest/index.jsp


Students have wrapped up our unit on perfectionism and have moved into our giftedness unit. They are examining different definitions of giftedness and learning how to advocate for opportunities that will help them work and live to their full potentials.

We heard from several parents since conferences that resources on anxiety and overexcitabilites would be appreciated. Attached below is an article from the National Association of Gifted Children. It also supports the Affective unit we are studying and a blog post from a gifted educational consultant and parent.



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National Association of Gifted Students Perfectionism Resource Links

Math- Solving Algebraic Equations

During SAGE math, students are learning about the order of operations and how to solve one and two step equations. Students have been engaged in collaborative conversations, hands on activities and practice solving for variables.

Home connection: Ask your child what the difference is between an expression and an equation? Write down a simple equation including a variable (i.e. 4 + x = 10) and ask your child to solve for the variable.

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Second Semester Unit of Study

Second semester unit of studies have begun and are going well. Students began their units the first week back and are already examining the main concepts through hands on exploration. The units of study being offered are: Physics of Fun, Marine Biology, Coding with Scratch and Blocking with Bots.

GAM District 3 Family Day

Saturday, April 6th, 10am-12pm

30 West Pershing Road

Kansas City, MO

Please mark this date on your calendar. Attending GAM Family Day is a great opportunity to connect with teachers, parents and students in our district. On GAM family day, parents and students are provided with great learning opportunities. For this year's family day, we have partnered with Science City to allow students admission at a reduced rate as part of their GAM Family Day entry fee. It will certainly be an exciting day for all. More information to come!

Build the City of Your Dreams

Saturday, March 16th, 10am-4pm

University of Missouri- Kansas City (Pierson Hall)

Join us as hundreds of kids, parents and expert mentors design and build the most amazing city! Kids from all over town are invited to spend the day building the city! Saturday morning, as kids arrive for this huge event, they will “apply” for a building permit, be issued a “plot of land” and receive mountains of recycled materials and art supplies. Then, they can spend as long as they like building their dream city.

This is the Seventh Annual City Imagineerium build. Last year, over 300 people participated in the build. To see a video recap of a build day, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPiM5ToE6PE.

As you will soon see, kids create the most amazing cities - eco-friendly, beautiful and fun to live in. So, it’s no surprise that the volunteer city planners, architects, builders and engineers who have been on hand to help the kids say they have learned as much from the kids as the kids have learned from them. We know that this year, the kids will just keep “wow’ing” us!

Theme: City of The Future

We spice up City Imagineerium each year with special building challenges. This year, the them is "Futuristic City." We invite our young architects, builders and city planners to create the most forward-thinking buildings, power plants, highways and other city structures they can imagine. We will announce special, themed building challenges each hour, spurring the kids to even greater heights of imagination. And, of course, there will be prizes to recognize their flights of fancy.

Register HERE http://www.learnscienceandmathclub.org/city-imagineerium

Cost is $10 per child when purchased online in advance, or $15 at the door. See the link above to register!