Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 3 Monday 1st - Friday 5th February

This week in brief.....

The mouth watering aroma drifting out of the IPC lab this week has certainly caused a stir on the Raphael block. The children were very excited to bake their first batch of bread early this week and boy did they produce some masterpieces! We may have some future Masterchef Asia contestants among our Grade 5.

Next week's creations are sure to impress - don't forget to come along to our exit point. Check the details in the dates for your diary section below.

Language Arts

This week the children have planned and written an explanation text focusing on how bread rises. In order to improve our work, we have edited and revised throughout - Is the writing engaging? Does it meet the needs of the intended audience? Have you followed a logical order? Does the writing flow? Have you checked for grammar and spelling mistakes? Next week we will publish our work in preparation for the IPC exit point.


This week in mathematics has been a week of revising and consolidating our knowledge and understanding of ratio. We now now how to solve problems with equivalent ratios and the write the ratio in its simplest form. We even have been successful with word problems involving ratio, this week it was time for us to put our knowledge and understanding to the test. A quiz was completed in the beginning of the week and then the test nearer the end of this week. Please look out for the results that will be coming home next week, we would love for you to celebrate on what we have done well.

Next week we will be starting our new chapter: Volume of Cuboids

Volume Game

Test your understanding of cubic volume in this shape game


It has been a busy week in the SJIIES Science Lab this week as we tried our hand at becoming master bakers. We began our week by donning our aprons and working cooperatively to follow a recipe and make some delicious bread, discussing the steps and our observations as we progressed. It was a busy time in the kitchen and we learnt the importance of following instructions and be clean and efficient. We will be back in the kitchen again next week to make our own designs.

We are learning how some changes in materials are physical and some are chemical. We also discussed how some changes are reversible and some are irreversible. We discussed our recent science experiments and thought about the different changes we had made. It has been exciting to actually create our own investigations to find the answer to a given questions. Our write-ups are developing and we understand the importance of clear, sequential steps.

Dates for the Diary

Exit point Picnic - 5CDo and 5SGe Thursday 4th February @ 12:20pm

5SBa and 5PMc Friday 5th February @ 12:20pm

CNY holiday - Monday 8th - Friday 12th February

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Homework Week 5

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