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Invitation to Holy Week (April 14-17)


Holy Week is often seen as a drama in several parts, leading to the Crucifixion of Christ and His triumphant resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Holy Week is the most special week of the year for Christians. During these days, we remember the last days of Jesus' earthly life which he spent in Jerusalem. At All Saints, we hope that these chapels will allow us to experience some of the feelings and events of Holy Week for ourselves and thinking about their deepest meaning.

Please see the worship schedule for Holy Week listed below. Each chapel service begins at 8:15 AM in St. Stephen's Sanctuary for 1st-8th Grade students. All are welcome to join us!

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MONDAY (April 14th)

Monday's chapel will be a dramatic reading (with costumes) of the Passion Gospel from Mark. Led by Ms. Berard's homeroom, this service will allow the congregation to participate by reading the crowd lines.

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TUESDAY (April 15th)

Tuesday's chapel will be a telling of the Holy Week story through music and visual images. Beginning with the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, reminding us of Palm Sunday's events, we will then move to the foot of the Cross.

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WEDNESDAY (April 16th)

Wednesday's chapel will be a re-enactment of the foot washing Jesus did for his disciples. Mrs. Clark will wash the feet of a student to illustrate the virtue of servanthood that Jesus calls each of us to do.

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THURSDAY (April 17th)

For Thursday's chapel, Mr. Thornton's homeroom will lead the school in the Stations of the Cross. This version is written for students. It is based on an ancient custom that began with pilgrims in Jerusalem walking the walk that Jesus took from his trial to his crucifixion.