You're not alone.

Depression Awareness Campaign

Our Mission

You're not alone is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those suffering from depression, anxiety and other stress related disorders.


What is stress?

Stress can be a result of both positive and negative experiences and it is a necessary part of our daily lives. However, when someone experiences excessive stress and is having difficulties coping with the problems they are facing, this is when it becomes an area of concern.

The Stats

Statistics show that nearly twice as many women as men are affected by a depressive disorder each year and 20% of Australians will be affected by depression and 6% will experience a major depressive illness. Depression is one of the most common mental health problems in young people today.

  • One third of individuals with depression that work have left their job because of their depression
  • Of 300 people surveyed in Britain about their depression, one in three considered that they seldom or never received the support that they required
  • 60% of these people surveyed believe that anxiety, loss of interest, low energy, poor concentration and poor sleep were the five aspects that had a severe effect on their lives

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