State of School Tidbits

Crozet Elementary School

Unleashing Each Student's Potential - ACPS Horizon 2020

One Student-Centered Strategic Goal - All ACPS students will graduate having mastered the lifelong learning skills they need to succeed as 21st century learners, workers and citizens.

Seven Pathways to Life Long Learning

Our pathways are two things: Commitments for our professional learning - how will we learn to be contemporary educators - and promises to our students - what kind of educational environment are we building.
Seven Pathways
1. Choice & Comfort
2. Instructional Tolerance
3. Universal Design of Learning
4. Maker-Infused Curriculum
5. Project/Problem/Passion-Based Learning
6. Interactive Technologies
7. Connectivity

The Voice of the Active Learner

Education From a Digital Native's Perspective

The Voice of the Active Learner - Education From a Digital Native's Perspective

This is how Crozet Elementary School is unleashing each student's potential!

Teaching for the Future - School Plan 2015/16

Goal 1 - Student Learning - Lifelong Learner Standard #3

All Crozet students will think analytically, critically and creatively to pursue new ideas, acquire new knowledge and make decisions.

Goal 2 - School Climate/Culture

Create a collaborative school climate that respects individual differences and builds a sense of community.

Goal 3 - Digital Integration using the Seven Pathways - PD for Teachers

Teacher PD opportunities around the Seven Pathways to Lifelong learning and teacher implementation of the seven pathways into the classrooms that is

essential in every learning space to increase our student engagement.

Student Achievement - SOL Spring Data 2015

Crozet Elementary School is FULLY ACCREDITED!

Met all state annual measurable outcomes (AMO) except for our Reading by 1% point, Gap Group 1 (FRL, SWD, LEP) and FRL group in Reading and Math.

SOL Scores

State Reading AMO Target - 72%

Crozet Reading Pass Rate - 71%

State Math AMO Target - 68%

Crozet Math Pass Rate - 72%

SOL scores are increasing every year
Closing the Achievement Gap among Membership Groups

Areas to Grow
Improve reading proficiency by aligning our reading curriculum in grades K-5
To continue math curriculum alignment in grades K-5 with Math Investigations
Continue to close the achievement gap among our free & reduced lunch population

More detailed information about our SOL performance -

Expanding Our Horizons with Innovation

Learning Spaces
Choice & Comfort, Tech Tools & Connectivity, Design/Make/Create
Curriculum & Instruction
Book Room, Guided Reading, Making Meaning, Being a Writer, Math Investigations
Responsive Classroom - Building a Collaborative, Safe School Environment
Morning Meetings, Positive Teacher Language, Hopes & Dreams

Student Characteristics

Enrollment - 340

White - 83%

African-American - 3%

Hispanic - 4%

Asian - 1%

Gifted Students - 3%

Special Education - 7.3%

Free/Reduced Lunch - 30%

ESOL - 4%

Female: 45.3%

Male: 54.7%

Teacher Characteristics

17.5 Classroom Teachers

11 Classroom Teaching Assistants

Art, Music, Media Specialist, Gifted Resource Teacher

1.4 Special Education Teacher

3 Special Education Teaching Assistants

1 Special Education VAAP Teacher

3 Special Education VAAP Teaching Assistants

4 Instructional Coaches

1 Reponse to Intervention Specialist

1 ESOL teacher - part time

1.5 PE teachers

Occupational Therapist, Speech, Psychologist

1 School Counselor

12 teachers with a Masters Degree

11 teacher with a Bachelors Degree

1 Masters +30 years

1 National Board Certified Teacher

School Budget 2015-16

Operational Budget - $104,554.00

Required 10% Holdback - $10,455.40

Leaving the Budget at - $94,098.60

Allocation per pupil - $276.76

Intervention/Prevention funds - $17,476

PALs Tutoring - $5,304

Helping Our Eagles Soar

Crozet PTO

President - Sarah Kasen

Vice President - Kelli Hughes

Co-Treasurer - Jennifer Stearns

Co-Treasurer - Courtney Buer

Corresponding Secretary - Ali Miller

Recording Secretary - Ali Miller

Parent at Large - Jessica Simmons, Julie McKnight, Christie Callihan, Kristen Coleman

Parent Council Reps -Amy Inge & Lisa Jevack


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Mavericks, Makers & Innovators - August 2015

"If we teach TODAY as we taught yesterday, we ROB our children of TOMORROW." - John Dewey