New Caledonia



The capital city of New Caledonia is the beautiful Nouméa!

New Caledonia is located between Australia and Fiji.

National Anthem

The National Anthem is called~ Let us be united Let us become brothers

This Anthem was written by seven members of a choral group called"melodia"


Children either go to public or religious schools to be educated , however the failure rate is high.Also health and schooling are managed by the French

Secular Tradition

French independence day 14 July celebrated by the European community

Our Connection With New Caledonia

Australia stays the primary destination for New Caledonian's whose medical care can't be delivered in New Caledonia

Human feature's of the country~

The population of New Caledonia is 178,000 and they are all Roman Catholic or Protestant. The language spoken in New Caledonia is French.


New Caledonia flags from the world flag

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