The Northridge Earthquake

The Quake

I interviewed my mom, she told me that she has been in two big earthquakes and she told me about one of them. It was more recent, she was in the Northridge earthquake. At the time my mom lived very close to Northridge. She was in bed when the quake started. My sister Katie was two months old when this happened, so the first thing my mom thought about was if Katie was okay. A lot of things broke such as dishes, frames, and crystal. My mom also got injured during this. She tripped over her dressing table and got a huge bruise across her leg. The first thing my mom did when the earthquake stopped was got Katie and made sure she was okay.

My mom remembered that it felt like a giant was picking up the house and throwing it back down. Thankfully when the earthquake was over and my mom went to check on my sister she was asleep and not hurt at all, she had slept through the whole thing! My mom had worked in Northridge at the time and she didn’t go back to work until five weeks later. The building she worked in was so damaged that she couldn’t go back to work.

My mom said that her best advice to people would be to try as hard as you can to stay as calm as you can. She said that in the moment it will be very scary but try to stay as calm as you possibly can even though it will be hard to.