Welcome to MTS

The most eco friendly city in the world


Welcome to Metropolis, the capital of the DC Universe and the capital of Eco-friendly architecture. As the leader of the Green City Revolution (GCC), we must set an example and set new standards for the modern "green" city. Also we are the only city in the world to have a 100%, fully functional green city. We are always improving and maintaining our "green" infrastructure.

Land Uses


Metropolis is a huge city with lots of children. That's why we have 20% of our land dedicated for institutional purposes. All the infrastructure is eco-friendly and student friendly.


Our city's major transportation routes consists only of two highways, one railroad and a few runways for our airport. This adds up to 5% of land used for transportation including the inner roads. We believe that it's better to walk to places since everything needed to access is nearby.


We have lots of businesses and big name brands in Metropolis. This gives every citizen a job opportunity. Some shops are quite isolated from other while rest are in huge shopping complexes or malls around the city making it very accessible. These malls are growing fast but the total land used by these buildings right now is 10%


Since Metropolis is a green city, we try to avoid factories and industrial buildings. But we must keep necessary factories such as food processing plants. Due to the scarcity of factories etc, only 3% of land is used for industrial purposes.

Open space

Metropolis loves green, open spaces. That's why we kept 17% percent of our land for parks, fields, woodlots and forests. Many of these parks for public use. They can rented for events and festivals.


At last we have residential land use. 25% of the land is occupied by high rise buildings and skyscrapers. Metropolis encourages citizens to live in high rise buildings to reduce wasted land and also for their social lives. We understand that many would like to live in their own detached home, so that's why the rest 15% of land is kept away for those who like to live in the suburbs.
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