This Week in Ed 2020...

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These past two weeks in Ed 2020...

Ms. Devers wrote about our activities on Tuesday - On Tuesday, we started out with our usual morning routine. After that Tori shared her HGTV Presentation and did a great job. We started planning our bulletin boards and worked in our Eagle Intervention classrooms. When we all returned back together, Alex shared her HGTV Project and Riley read her read aloud.

Ms. Newlove wrote about our activities on Wednesday - We started off with working on our bulletin boards by getting the set up together and cutting out letters. Then we had Angel present her HGTV presentation. After morning duty and Eagle intervention, we jumped into our next learning topic which is Leaner Development. In this lesson we learned the three different learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. To finish off the day we had Tristin’s read aloud, and got assigned a theorist to start our theorist project which will be due Sunday.

On Friday, all our students went to the MECA Challenge. We learned about the entrepreneur mindset and helped solved real- life problems.

On Monday, Ms. Lee wrote about our activities- Today we discussed Classroom Diversity, and teaching to all students. Mr. Andy Schuerman came and presented to our class, sharing his thoughts on culture and individual identity with us.

On Tuesday, interns worked on their capstone projects and bulletin boards.

On Wednesday, we host Mr. Clay Fulghum, our district attorney to discuss FERPA. We learned the do's and don'ts as teachers, with regards to confidentiality.

On Thursday and Friday, we continued to work on our bulletin boards and discuss our internship expectations. Interns will be out on Monday. We are going to three different elementary schools and two different middle schools.

Good luck to our interns!


  • Read The Leader in Me- Chapters 3
  • Answer TLIM Discussion Questions
  • Have fun
  • Be safe

A note about attendance...

This past two weeks there have been numerous Professional Studies interns that have been affected by the flu. As everyone is aware, Professional Studies classes have a strict attendance policy, no more than 5 absences. After discussing the attendance concerns with the Director of Professional Studies, if a student has documentation from a doctor, all of their absences will be excused.

Please let me know if you have concerns but just know we want your child to get better and are totally willing to work with you!

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Parent Teacher Conferences-- I hope to see you there!

On Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16, there will be parent teacher conferences for secondary schools. Due to many of my classes taking place at off-site locations, I wanted to provide you with some information about these evenings.

· Wednesday, February 15-- Unfortunately, on Wednesday, February 15 I will be unavailable for any conferences. I am currently finishing up my doctorate at UMKC and have class every Wednesday evening.

· Thursday, February 16- I will be at Park Hill High School from 5 – 8 pm. I will be located at PHHS because this semester I have more students enrolled from Park Hill than Park Hill South. I apologize if this is inconvenient for your schedule. You may schedule a conference with me on

It is always my goal to have 100% of my guardians participate in a conference, however, I understand that due to my limited schedule that we may be unable to meet face to face on Thursday, February 16th. I would be more than willing to meet virtually or before/after school. (Health Sciences Guardians—Colleen will be available on Wednesday & Thursday at PHS. Please feel free to meet with her if your schedules line up better.)

Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to meeting/talking with you in the upcoming weeks.