IASL 2013

Creating, Collaborating and Learning

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Participatory Culture and the School Library


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Sunday April 7

5 pm Arrival and registration (dinner on your own)

6:30 to 9:15 pm

  • Speaker: Ernie Cox - Share or Die: Why We Need Each Other
  • Makerspace: Crowd-sourcing our expertise to create a dynamite advocacy piece
  • Battledecks: Improv with random slides

Monday April 8

8 am to 4:15 pm

  • Coffee and muffins
  • Welcome & Keynote: Buffy J. Hamilton - People, Partnerships, and Participatory Culture
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Luncheon/Speaker: Shannon McClintock Miller - Let's Be the Change We Can Be
  • Vendors and table sessions

KEYNOTE by Buffy Hamilton

People, Partnerships, and Participatory Culture: Librarianship of The People, For the People, By The People

How can school librarians help cultivate learning experiences in their collaborative endeavors with students and teachers to create meaningful connections between home, school, community, and the world? How do we create libraries as spaces of enchanted learning that smash old stereotypes and give students, teachers, parents, and administrators a new model for the possibilities of "library" that values formal, standards based learning as well as passion centered learning? Hamilton will share how a model of participatory librarianship and learning can provide the context for inquiry, collaborative knowledge building, and shared ownership of the narrative of "library" to enhance and expand the school community's vision of 21st century pedagogy.

Concurrent sessions

Link to detailed schedule


  • Library Redux - Judy Russell of Saydel CSD
  • Digital Book creator: Storyjumper - Rachel Burrow of Norwalk Middle School
  • It All Fits: Information Literacy, Iowa AEA Online and Iowa Common Core State Standards - Karen Appleton of Iowa AEA Online
  • Letters about Literature and All Iowa Reads - Robin Martin of Iowa Center for the Book

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