atomic number 14 atomic mass 28.0855


silicon cost about 0.50$ for one gram. Silicon is used in a lot of car parts from engine blocks, to cylinder heads and machine heads. silicon sand can be used to make glass, silicon is also a semi conductor. silicon makes up about 27.7 percent of the earths crust and is the second most abundant element on earth besides oxygen.

with out silicon you would not have phones and other technology because it is used in computer chips and in parts in phones. In 1969 the Apollo 11 mission left behind a silicon disk that 73 country's in microscopic letters expressed wishes and goodwill. Silicon can be dangers when inhaled for long periods of time can causes a disease called silicosis.

Some of the things silicon is used in

why silicon is so important

A world with out silicon

With out silicon we would not have a lot of the technology we have today because it is used in car parts and phones. Imagine a world with out phones or TV because I do not want to.