Constantine the Great

Mirror, Mirror

Background Life

Constantine was a victorious roman leader who fought many battles to gain full control of the Roman empire. He started his life as pagan but gave up that religion and became Christian. After his many great victory he became sole ruler in 324. While in that position he strongly influenced Church and Christianity.

The New Rome

Constantine decided to move the capital to eastward to a site called Byzantium. This was his "New Rome". He called it Constantinople which is now known a Istanbul, Turkey. Constantine had an amazing location when he chose where his new capital would be. They were on a peninsula, most of the city surrounded by water. Plus, a thick wall and a moat would protect them for being easily attacked.

Finishing Touch

Constantine changed from what was nothing to something so amazing. Once he picked the location of his new capital all was good. He gained power from his amazing accomplishment and Constantine knew that he was, in fact, amazing. He was not only a great leader but a great person. Constantine expanded what wasn't into what is despicably amazing.