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Facial implant surgery is designed to restore the facial tissues by inserting implants into the skin through a small incision. Chin implants require inserting implants through the mouth near the lower lip, or directly under the chin area; after the implant is inserted, bandages and tape are applied to the chin to hold the implant in place and promote healing.

Cheek implant surgery involves inserting the implant through incisions made near the lower eyelid or upper lip area. These facial compartments offer the most natural positioning for the implants, and the implant is inserted inside a small ‘pocket’ to create a natural look. After the cheek implants are inserted, the face may be wrapped and bandaged to promote faster healing.

Facial implants are typically part of a complete facelift or other surgical procedure, but can also be performed independently to enhance or sculpt key facial compartments.

Dr. Zarrabi has several years of training and experience in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, and offers facial implants along with other facial rejuvenation procedures at his exclusive plastic surgery center in Santa Monica. Set up a consultation with Michael Zarrabi cosmetic surgery CA to learn more about the benefits of facial implant surgery and decide if this procedure is the right match for your needs.

Michael Zarrabi MD - Plastic Surgeon

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Michael Zarrabi MD - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Zarrabi specializes in facelift procedures, eyelid lifts, facial implants, fat transfer, rhinoplasty (nose job), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, full body lifts, post-weight loss treatment, breast augmentation, breast implant revision, breast reconstruction, breast lifts and breast reduction. He realizes no two bodies or faces are alike. Dr. Michael Zarrabi tailors surgeries specifically to meet the needs of each patient.

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