Week of January 11th-15th

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~ Bobby and I will be completing some observations and walk throughs this week. We have enjoyed being in classrooms, and our goal is to continue to be in classrooms as much as possible to see the great things that are going on. If you have a fun lesson planned, make sure to shoot us a text or email, and we will do our best to come visit!

~ Make sure to send home the district curriculum letters. Put a copy in my box once you send it home, so I can file it. You guys have done a great job being consistent with that, and I really feel like parents appreciate knowing what is coming up, so they can talk with their students at home.

~ The club lists went out on Friday. I have a few tweaks I had to make, but you will get the updated list later today. Start talking to your students about the clubs for this new session. Make sure to look over the list of UIL events that Amarisa sent out. Talk to your students about them and let them know that they will need to sign up for that club if they want to try out for the team. The tryouts will be held after school the week of Feb 9th, and more information on that will come as we get closer. If you have students who you feel would be good in an UIL event, i.e. Number Sense, spelling, etc., please encourage them to join. We are so excited to have 8 UIL teams this year. That's a HUGE jump from having none in the previous years. Thanks so much to Amarisa for volunteering to be coordinator and a huge shout out to all of our coaches (Lori, Shannon, Emily, Gina, Amy Hayden, Lauren, Kim W,, and Brittany) who volunteered!!

~ We will provide lunch for you this week during our 1/2 day training. We will start serving at 12:00 in the library. Evelyn will present about Quad D teaching, and I know you all will really benefit from this presentation. We will have a "working lunch," and you should be finished around 1:30 or so. After that, you are free to work in your rooms, PLC, plan, etc.

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~Our first round of benchmarks will be the week of Februrary 1st. This will be 4th grade Writing and 5th grade math and reading. This will a "mock STAAR" scenario. Make sure to send Bobby the dates you will be testing and a list of students who need small group instruction, if you have not done so already. On these days, lunch, SPED classes, Title classes, etc., may be altered if teachers need to assist in test administration. Bobby will get the schedule out in the next week, so that everyone is aware of what changes will take place on those few days. Curriculum will be providing the graph paper for the math tests but will not provide the STAAR charts. You should have these in your classroom, but if you need extra, please let Bobby know so he can get those to you, if needed.

~ Kg and 1st grade are meeting with our ICLE consultant this week on Wednesday.

1st grade will meet from 8:00-11:00

Kindergarten will meet from 12:00-3:00

The training takes place at Saginaw Elementary. They will have drinks and snacks provided.

~ I am planning to invite Mr. Newcom to our clubs session on February 5th. He will be interviewed for the school newspaper at that time. Please have signs, cards, etc. made (if at all possible) before that day, so I can have something to present him with when he arrives. Shout out to Vicki for agreeing to create the banner to hang in the board room! If you have something you would like him to see, let me know, and I will schedule him to come before 2:10, so he can come visit rooms. I would GREATLY appreciate volunteers!

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Words of the Week

Kg: ANNOY- to bother or irritate

1st: TREMENDOUS: enormous or very great

2nd: INVESTIGATE: to gather information

3rd: INCOGNITO: in disguise or with one's true identity hidden

4th: SIGNIFICANT: important or a lot

5th: LACKADAISICAL: feeling or showing a lack of interest

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

Don't forget to turn in the "Word-Up" Level forms!! The kids love it when they come down and receive their "word up" tags! We had one 3rd grader get both Vocaber AND Word Wizard because of her outstanding use of the words in her writing!!

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Friday, January 15th: Early release at 11:40 & Campus Staff Development in PM


Wednesday, January 20th: Bobby off campus in AM at AP meeting

Play it Safe program on campus

Thursday, January 21st: Kori off campus all day at DLT meeting

Monday, January 26th: Kori and Bobby off campus at STAAR training

Thursday, January 28th @ 6:00- PTA meeting and 1st Grade Program (NOTE: This date used to be set for the 14th and was changed)

Friday, January 29th: Spirit Rally @ 1:50

Week of Feb 1st: Benchmarks: 4th Writing

5th Reading & Math

Friday, February 5th: Clubs Begin (Round 2)

Monday, February 8th: Learn not to Burn Assembly @ 8:00

Thursday, February 11th: Kori off campus at LEAD meeting

Friday, February 12th: Valentine's Parties at 2:00

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